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Affordable Vet Tele-triage and Tele-advice for just $9.99 per month, enjoy EarthWise Vet’s accessible and economical virtual pet health consultations. Part of the EarthWise Plus membership network, we bring professional vet advice right into your home, providing top-quality care for your pet without the stress of a clinic visit. 30-DAY FREE TRIAL


About Us

We offer 24/7 Vet Tele-triage and Vet Tele-advice services across the U.S., connecting pet owners with licensed veterinarians for on-demand consultations. Our platform is designed for pet owners of all backgrounds, helping them avoid costly triage visits and providing instant access to expert advice. With a commitment to personalized care, we offer high-quality, convenient services tailored to each pet owner’s needs. Welcome to EarthWise Vet – your trusted partner in pet care.

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Basic Triage Plan $9.99/mth

Our EarthWise Vet Basic Triage package transforms pet care by providing you with convenient and secure access to licensed veterinarians from the comfort of your home. Sign up today for a 30-day free trial and enjoy 24/7 access to tele-triage and tele-advice services. Our goal is to simplify veterinary care, making it more reachable and convenient for our community of pet lovers, because we believe pets are indeed part of the family.

Emergency Vet Plan $29.99/mth

Introducing our EarthWise Vet Emergency Plan, an exceptional addition to your existing pet insurance. This plan enhances your pet's safety without replacing your current insurance. The Emergency Vet package comprises all features of the Basic Triage plan, plus a safety net of $1,500 for critical pet emergencies.


Pet wellness insights

With any chosen package, gain access to over 50 engaging and informative videos produced by our team of Licensed Veterinarians and Certified Pet Dietitians. These videos cover a wide array of topics such as balanced nutrition, common health issues, and everyday pet care. Immerse yourself in these resources to elevate your knowledge and ensure your pet leads a healthy, fulfilling life. This feature complements the extensive benefits of any EarthWise Vet package you opt for.

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